The Barn to Run Trail Race Series encourages individual and teams to participate in multiple events across the series and will reward that participation in a variety of ways.

Individuals Incentives – The Season Pass:

Individuals have the option to sign up for the Barn to Run Season Pass. Each event in the Barn to Run Series offers multiple race distances to choose from, so runners may choose from a Short, Middle or Long Distance Season Pass option that includes multiple benefits including:

Runners must sign up for the Season Pass by Saturday, 9/15/18. The Season Pass registration option is available from the Weir River Farm Trail Race registration page found here.  The grid below details pricing for each Season Pass option.

Team Incentives:

Running clubs have opportunities to win special prizes based on participation in a single event and across the series. Teams that enter the most members in a single race will receive:

In addition, the team that enters the most members across the entire series will receive:

Eligibility and scoring

  • Members must register online; any “day of event” registrations will NOT be included
  • Members must include the FULL name of their club/team name at the time they register; if the club/team name is not included with their registration, points for that team are not earned and will not be added post-event; event management is not responsible for determining the identity of a team based on abbreviations due to the potential of shared abbreviations (e.g. anyone that lists “CRR” as their club would not be included because “CRR” could be Charles River Running or Colonial Road Runners) or lack of familiarity with the team.
  • Scoring: One online registration for a race by a team member equals 1 point (i.e. 1 race registration = 1 point; 2 race registrations = 2 points, 3 race registrations = 3 points); points will be added up across each race in the Barn to Run series and the team with the most points at each race and across the series will be declared the winner.
  • Tie breaker – 1 event: If two or more teams have the same number of points at the close of online registration for one event the tie breaker will be the team with the most members in the longer distance race at that event.
  • Tie breaker – The series: If two or more teams have the same number of points across the events in the series at the close of online registration for the final event in the series, the tie breaker will be the team that has the most members registered for the longest distance races at each event in the series (i.e. the most members in the WRF 9.3 miler, the CHF 5 miler and the Powisset Farm 8.3 miler).